We are a group of professional preparers of trilobites, we have 17 years experience. The spicemens we prepare are in many famous museums in the world (FRANCE, USA, CANADA, ENGLAND, GERMANY, JAPAN...etc), or in hands of  private collectors who have the largest trilobite collections in the globe, and other trilobite specialists.

        Excellent trilobite preparation requires us to use modern methodes and special equipments like stereomicroscopes and sand blasters. The careful detailed work needs spending many hours concentrating on every part of exoskeleton as cheek, eyes, spines, and secondary sipnes, hypostome and so forth...

Through our work you can see how excellent is and fine preparation we can do in every part of the trilobite body.



walliserops trifurcatus with short right prong

eye of a walliserops trifurcatus perfectly saved after preparation.

Erbenochile erbini is one of the most difficult trilobite to prepare, the eye lenses are fantastic, each eye has more than 460 lenses!

 Eye is one of the beautiful parts of a trilobite, the specimen is perfect if it has this micro cristal lens not damaged.


This Koneprusia has many sipnes and secondary spines that are separed with 1 to 2 millimetres (it can be less than 1mm ) , the preparation becomes a microscopic work! it's such an electronic chipset.

secodary spines:

One of the most difficult mission to do on a trilobite's exoskeleton is, to prepare the scondary spines that are too small! this koneprusia has hundreds of secondary spines that are smaller than a head of a sewing needle.


Visible hypostome makes a trilobite more interesting!

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